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Welcome to Freight Breakers!
The owners of Freight Breakers have been working together for over 20 years. This team of professionals have worked from the ground up to understand all aspect of warehouse operation and distribution management. The owner of Freight Breakers will continure studying the market and strive to find new and better ways to improve business.  Freight Breakers is a full-service warehouse management company owned and operated by two highly qualified, knowledgeable distribution management executives. Each has over 20+ years of successful hands on experience in managing large-scale distribution warehouses. Although Freight Breakers specializes in providing Dock Unloading and Loading Services for clients, our expertise includes all aspects of distribution warehouse management and all attendant services such as product stocking, product banding/wrapping, manifesting/staging shipments, corrugated bailing/recycling, pallet management, and freight running.
FB improves a client's P&L by providing Dock/Warehouse service for them.FB can provide the client with cost savings up to 25% or more. FB provides its own performance-compensated skilled employees and supervision. FB employees directly unload delivery trucks thus relieving the client of liability for potentially costly accidents involving truckers, employees. FB is solely liable for its own employees.
Our Structure: •Operations Manager •Site Supervisor •Leads  Every Freight Breakers employee has one focus: to focus on our partners needs. Professional Site & Operation Manager: With an average of over 20 years of operational and warehousing management experience,our management team is simply the best in the business. We strive to hire the most experienced, professional people throughout our industry.
Screening: Our employees undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they possess the skills and abilities necessary for the success of the operation. Our screening process allows us to make informed decisions that are consistent with our customers standard production goals. •Application •Personal Interview •Background Checks •Drug Testing Compensation: FB creates a motivated workforce by paying our associates on performance as a team. Each activity is tracked by management and each department earns a percentage of the revenue generated for the activity performed. At FB our “PAY FOR PERFORMANCE” incentive program is a proven methodology, that encourages higher productivity and lower turnover.
Safety:Our goal is to provide our employees and our clients with a safe working environment where productivity and safety are both requirements for employment! A main focus of safety starts at the top with Freight Breakers managers and supervisors required to pass a training class on all of the equipment utilized and implementing safety audits each day.  Communication: A clear line of communication between our customers managers and the Freight Breakers team is critical for productivity and success. Freight Breakers provides a Nextel or cellular phone for communications. Freight Breakers will equip its teams to our customers specifications.
•Any associate having an accident, incident, or a near miss will be re-certified on the electric/gas equipment and drug tested, as appropriate.  •Associates are empowered to stop production in order to correct a safety issue.   •Bi-monthly Safety Meetings are required of every site.
Our Strategy: We continue to invest and grow in our core business of unloading. We will continue to advance in technology to strengthen our service and operations. We will continually study our customer’s operation, anticipate their needs and desires of our service. Our Mission: To develop a high-quality business partnership with our customers by seeing their business through their eyes and responding with a desire and passion to exceed all expectations.
Additional Services: ----------------------------- •Unloading •Consulting service •Building Display Modules •Loading •Product Put-Away •Product Checking •Selecting and Auditing •Stocking •Special Project Work •Freight Running •Product Banding and Wrapping •Corrugated Bailing and Recycling •Pallet Management Programs •Labeling •Dock Management •General Housekeeping •Warehouse Management •Sanitation
Contact Us ... Freight Breakers is located at: 210 First Ave. South, Suite B Conover, NC 28613-2114 Our Mailing Address is: PO Box 971 Conover, NC 28613 Phone: (828) 464-7994 Fax: (828) 464-7002 National Sales: Mobile: (704) 962-1584 Call or e-mail us at today to arrange a confidential review of your operation.
Knowing our customer and what they expect of us is always on our mind. At Freight Breakers we do not want to merely meet expectations, instead we want to exceed them and go to the next level for partners. Our management team and associates are committed to serving our customer at the highest level and this begins by knowing your needs and your expectations.  Our customer feedback process is designed specifically to track our performance against our customers expectations. Freight Breakers will be measured regularly with our customers managers to meet direct and indirect “customer” service expectations.
This process includes a rating system that we can implement with concrete measurements of items important to our customers. Any area that falls below our customers highest standard of performance requires an immediate plan of action.  This will help ensure that we act upon our customers feedback to continue providing better service to our customer.
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